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My Other Mount is Tauren Recruitment Procedures

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Written by The Guild Lady   
Sunday, 23 November 2008 20:14

So you want to become a member...

That's great! Clearly you have the discernment and good sense we're looking for in our guildmates. Here's how to go about it.

Step 1: Apply

MOMIT requires an application before being invited into the guild. For those who might find this to be too formal a step, we hope you would agree that finding the right people to play with is worth the extra effort.

Fill out the Application Form and post it to our Recruitment Forum. The Recruitment Officer or the Admin will respond and let you know that we've received the application. Generally, he or she will then contact you via Private Message on our website to discuss next steps. This often includes a brief interview, and listening in on a raid (for our applicants seeking a raid slot). If these steps go well, the Recruitment Officer will inform you that you have been accepted, and any Steward may extend a /ginvite. You will join the guild as an Initiate.

If you have any questions about the guild, please make sure you use the PM and interview portions of the application process to ask those. Please also feel free to message a Steward in-game - that's what we're there for!

Please note that we are committed to the community of Aerie Peak; therefore, if you have left your previous guild on bad terms, this will be considered a major red flag on your application. Specific circumstances can be discussed on a case-by-case basis with the Recruitment Officer.

Step 2: Tell Us You Love Us

The Initiate period will last not-less than three weeks, and can extend as long as you like. When you've been around for a while, seen how we do things, and we've had a chance to meet you, then you can decide that you want to become a full-fledged Member. At that point, simply let the Recruitment Officer know about your intentions.

Step 3: Democracy in Action

When an Initiate joins, a private thread in the Members forum is created. In that thread the people you've been hanging out with will vote on whether or not to invite you into the guild as a full Member. So no pressure or anything.

The First Week
Membership voting threads will be locked for the first week of your application. This is mostly to ensure that you are given a fair chance to acclimate before we begin scrutinizing you too closely. "No" votes WILL be accepted during this time - they'll need to be PMed to a Steward and they'll be tracked until the thread opens.

Throughout the voting process, if we receive a No vote anonymously or otherwise one of the Stewards will note that fact in the voting thread.

The Next Two Weeks
The next two weeks will be the membership voting period. These voting threads are part of a dialogue, and are entered into with that mindset. They should also be based on more than one interaction with you - we're trying to observe a pattern of behavior rather than an incident.

At this point, a Steward will get in touch with you regarding your voting thread regardless of whether or not you've accrued all your votes. This will be a chance for you to learn of and address any issues people might be having, or it might simply be a "keep running stuff and eventually someone will get off their lazy butts and vote." We will do our best to have one of these discussions for every week the vote is extended beyond the initial three weeks.

It currently requires eight "Yes" votes to become a Member. Four "No" votes will result in the Initiate being asked to leave and find another guild where they might be a better fit. Just so you're prepared, though the formal period is three weeks we generally expect this process to take about a month.

Initiates who have not informed the Recruitment Officer about their intentions will not be eligible for Membership, regardless of voting status.

If an Initiate receives the approving votes before the end of the introductory period, they will be promoted to Member upon completion of the three weeks and the voting will be closed. Hooray!

After that introductory period, an Initiate who desires membership will be automatically promoted to Member upon receiving their required approvals. The voting will then be closed. Also Hooray!

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