The MOMiT event calendar is set up according to roles.  When signing up for an event, be sure to specify the role you will be filling.  "Special" roles (for instance, mage tank on High King Maulgar) will be unique to each raid and defined in the raid's announcement.

All signups will be Queued automatically.  Raiders can move into the "Available" slots.  Raiders, please only fill the first 20 spots in a raid - the remainder will be distributed on a first-come first-served basis.  All members will be able to move themselves out of raids freely.

Group leaders, if you create an event you will be able to move anyone into or out of that event.  So five-mans and smaller groups, please communicate with the group leader if there are any concerns about signups.

If you're  having any trouble with your signups and permissions, please contact our web guru, Breue.

Anaea @ 11/18/08 - 05:44am